We are your One-Stop Consultants for your hospital project. From your initial dream of having a hospital all the way to testing, commissioning and handing over, we do it all backed by years of local and international experience.

TIME Consulting provides a world class healthcare fully integrated consultancy and design services in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Yamen, Egypt, UAE and Oman covering the full spectrum of services including concept design, architecture and civil design, electromechanical design, medical equipment planning, IT hardware and software, audiovisual and low current systems, pharmacy design and automation. Testing and commissioning of the entire project.

We also cover the soft areas like Marketing, Supply Chain Systems and Quality, Hospital operations planning and commissioning, Strategic management etc.


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  • Dr. Abdulhameed Alkhateeb

    Senior Consultant Biomedical & Hospital Technology

  • Dr. Majid Nour

    Projects Manager
    Consultant Biomedical & Hospital Technology

  • Abdulmohsen AlShraim

    Senior Consultant Safety, Security Accreditation

  • Dr. Ashraf Amir

    Senior Consultant Medical Affairs & Licensing Consultant Family Medicine Physician Executive MBA, USA