Administration Systems

Administration Systems, Marketing, Supply Chain and Quality

  • Hospital operations planning and commissioning:

    Our team leader was involved in hospital startups. , the latest was the IMC hospital in Jeddah. He lead the project management activities in Boston, Massachusetts. We have planned and initiated many departments in new and operational hospitals. Our team members held leadership positions in hospitals including the Chief Operating Officer position.

    Strategic management and marketing planning:

    Our team members were crucial members of the strategic management planning committee at IMC. They introduced the strategic map process to the hospital and worked closely with the clinical and non-clinical teams to make sure that they are aligned to meet financial targets.

    Joint commissioning preparations:

    Our team members lead and were members of many JCI chapters; they lead the patient and family rights chapter (PFR) and were members in other Committees like the leadership chapter and the facility management and safety chapter (FMS).

    Process improvement using lean and six sigma tools:

    Our team members are green belt six sigma certified. We have applied many lean and six sigma tools in improving operational processes and enhancing patient experience.

    Healthcare management training:

    We give training session on the use of six sigma in healthcare, patient experience and hospital management.

    Supply Chain planning and consulting:

    We have participated in consulting projects that aimed at improving the supply chain processes between CVS pharmacies and J&J. Our involvement lead to savings in the millions of dollars.

    Using Key Performance Indicators to improve patient experience and outcomes:

    Our team leader lead the patient satisfaction survey at the international medical center. He used the complaint system with patient satisfaction as a source for improving many processes in the hospital.

    Policies and Procedures Development

    We will help you develop customized policies and procedures that meet local and international standards. This will help you start operations faster and pass accreditation audits with fewer problems.

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