JCI Preparedness


  • We at TIME Consultants have an experienced team who have worked in hospitals and have passed the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation several TIMEs. We are specially experienced in the Management of Information (MOI) and the Facilities Management and Safety Chapters (FMS) of the JCI.

    Our experience is not an theoretical experience obtained by attending seminars and reading manuals. Our consultants actually worked as managers in hospital and went through the process of preparing their departments for JCI inspections, participated in the inspection process and passed. So we know what it takes and what needs to be done to prepare and pass the JCI, FMS and MOI chapters.

    We do not offer short-cuts or workarounds. With our consultants on your side, you will actually be prepared for the JCI. We will help you fix any problems you have including:

    Architectural problems,

    Complete safety and security processes,

    Complete biomedical engineering and medical equipment management and planning

    Hazardous materials handling, storage, etc.

    Emergency management

    Fire safety

    Utility systems

    Infection Control design and verification

    CSSD room design

    CSSD equipment

    CSSD workflow

    Information Confidentiality

    Authority Levels for Information access

    Documentation of information

    IT room design

    IT systems design

    HIS System selection and verification

    Information Flow Design

    We will help you develop your policies and procedures. We will help you develop your forms and      documents to meet the JCI requirements

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