Project supervision

Projects Supervision, Testing And Commissioning

  • Having the best design is very important, however you still need a strong partner to supervise the contractor and make sure they are executing the design as it was intended. Otherwise all the hard work that went into the design will be for nothing and could put your hospital at risk.

    Project Supervision:

    We will supervise the contractor who is building the building and supplying all the equipment to make sure they follow their contracted specs. No payment will be paid to them unless our engineers verify that stage of the project has been completed satisfactorily as per the contracted specifications.

    Testing, commissioning and handing over:

    Once the construction is completed and all the building systems are installed and fully operational, we will perform tests on all the systems and commission them. After passing our testing and commissioning, we will inform you that you can sign off on the handing over documents and begin using the building. This is the date from which the contracted warranty will start.

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